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Living room area New wall fabrics

Ready to ditch your builder's beige?

If you are tired of the builder's beige walls or the walls of the homeowner before you, you are in luck. As well as flooring, Deen's Interiors is an expert with walls.


We offer you a number of choices when it comes to setting up your walls. Choose the prettiest wallpaper for your bathrooms, or select wallcoverings that fit the design of your home for each room.

Established in 1969, Deen's Interiors has been in business for 45 years. Our certified interior designer has 24 years of experience to help create the look you desire. We offer in-house installation and services that we warranty. We also charge an in-home design consultation fee, which will be credited with an appropriate priced purchase from our store.

Call Deen's Interiors for custom walls.

Different ideas? No problem!

You may have a number of ideas for wall decorations and changes that you wish to make in your home. Feel free to select different wallcoverings and fabrics for each room.


We will help you plan out the design of each room and show you many different custom wall options to go with your design scheme. Our designers are available to assist you as soon as you want to get started.

Available wall coverings:

 •  Wallpaper

 •  Drapery

 •  Upholstery

 •  Vinyl wallcoverings

 •  Fabrics